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United Biotech, Inc. (UBI) was established in 1984. UBI develops and manufactures products tailored to the needs of medical professionals in emerging healthcare industries. From conception, products are designed for reliability, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.

UBI is USA FDA approved GMP facility and has obtained ISO 13485:2003 recognition and CE certification. Many of its in vitro diagnostic products are FDA approved products.

UBI products and services includes:

– ELISA diagnostic products includes Cancer Markers, Cardiac Marker, Human Hormones, Infectious Diseases, Human Pancreatic Diseases, Auto-Immune Diseases, Human Steroid Hormones, Parasitic Diseases, Blood Diseases, etc.

– Antigen, Recombinant Antigen

– Antibodies: Monoclonal Antibodies, Polyclonal Antibodies, Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, etc.

– Normal Sera and Plasma

UBI also provides Fast Quality Antibody Engineering services at very competitive price:

– Antibody Conjugate

– Antibody Affinity Optimization

– Antibody Design

– Stem Cell projects

– Antibody Adjustment / Correction

– Many more…

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United Biotech, Inc.

211 S. Whisman Road Suite E

Mountain View, CA 94041


Tel: +1-650-961-2910

Fax: +1-650-961-0766

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