ubio Biotechnology Systems Pvt Ltd

Toll free: www.ubio.in

Phone: 91 9744122269


ubio is a young, vibrant start-up developing innovative solutions in biotechnology. We leverage the latest and best technologies from the fields of electronics, information technology, and biotechnology to create products and solutions that take biotechnology to the mass-market.

ubio is currently developing a new generation biochip for clinical diagnostics market that will provide high quality test assays at significantly lower price points.

Headquartered at Cochin, Kerala, India, ubio brings together key scientific and engineering talent with experience in the cutting-edge of biotechnology, information technology and electronics. Our technology leaders have proven expertise in product development and management, and have made major contributions to software and biotechnology industries.

ubio can be reached at:

ubio Biotechnology Systems Pvt Ltd.,
36/976C, Second Floor,
Shinas Building, Lisie Hospital Road,
Ernakulam North, Cochin,
Kerala – 682018
Ph: +91-484-2400979
Email: contact@ubio.in