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Textco BioSoftware, Inc. (formerly Textco, Inc.), located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been serving the software needs of molecular biologists for over 20 years – since 1984. Textco’s mission is to provide high quality, intuitive software to assist molecular biologists in their research efforts. Textco has provided its solutions to scientists who are breaking new ground in genetic engineering research, drug development, and biotechnology at academic, government and corporate institutions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

It is Textco BioSoftware’s goal to develop and release software that a biologist can use intuitively. We believe that a researcher should spend his or her time thinking about results rather than trying to figure out how to get the program to generate the results. For each of our products, we start our design from scratch and carefully think about what a practicing biologist wants to do and how to best enable him or her to proceed. Our two current products illustrate this philosophy.

The Gene Construction Kit® brings intuitive productivity to the molecular biology researcher’s computer, allowing effortless manipulation of DNA – either graphically or as sequence text. GCK eliminates tedious examination of sequence data by automatically identifying ORF’s, and easily marking restriction enzyme sites and other regions of interest. In addition, GCK keeps track of segment history and can display any generation for any segment. Multiple constructs, gels, or sequence listings can be displayed simultaneously and can be connected with arrows or lines – simplifying the design and management of even complex cloning projects. Save time and money with GCK – evaluate cloning strategies by viewing complete or partial gel digest patterns graphically. This award-winning software now features new modules for PCR Analysis, Automated Shotgun Cloning, and integrated Web Searching for performing biological related searches across multiple internet data repositories (KEGG, EntrezGene, PDB, PFAM, etc.).

The Gene Inspector® combines a powerful sequence analysis package with a versatile electronic research notebook for molecular biologists. The innovative notebook design, featuring a comprehensive word processor with bookmarks and appendices, allows the import of images from other programs and provides its own drawing and table tools making it the ideal place to record daily laboratory notes and procedures. GI offers more than 60 built-in nucleic acid and protein analyses, a sophisticated multiple sequence editor, and an analysis panel interface that takes the guesswork out of defining analysis parameters. Researchers can define and save suites of analyses with standardized sets of parameters and confidently rely upon Gene Inspector’s “Hot-linking” functionality to automatically update these analyses each time a sequence is changed. This means that everyone in a research group will be able to get relevant and consistent results.

Gene Construction Kit® and Gene Inspector® are available for both Mac (OS 10.2 and higher) and Windows (2000, XP & Vista) platforms. Files created on either platform can be read by that application on the opposite platform, which facilitates collaborations with labs and colleagues who work with differing operating systems.

For more information, and to download demo versions of our software, please visit us online at www.textco.com