Sri Dhanalakshmi Industries

126, AKP Middle Street
Sivakasi – 626189

Phone: +91 4562 274608
Fax: +91 4562 225526


We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the Cultivators, Traders and Exporters of Herbs in India. We can offer pure dried herbs at a reasonable price regularly.

We are specialised in the Herbs like Senna, Vinca, Salacia, Neem, Gymnema, Tribulus, Gotukola, Yellowdock, Lobelia, Papaya, Adhatoda, Moringa, Andrographis, Banaba, Momordica, Calamus, Garcinia, Phyllanthus, Amla, Lemon grass, etc. We offer Neem products such as Neem Leaves, Bark, Flowers, Neem Cake and 100% Pure Cold Pressed Neem oil.

We can offer the herbs as whole, parts, crushed, powdered or in Tea-cut form.

We have contract with leading GMP standard Botanical Extractors and so we can offer quality Herbal Extracts like Calcium Sennosides, Salacia Extracts, Garcinia Extract, Tribulus Extract, Curcumin, etc.

We can pack in bulk industrial packing and in small consumer packing according to customer’s requirements.