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Dear Scientists/Researchers and our valued customers, We are pleased to present the SR BIOSYSTEM 2007-2008 PRODUCT CUM PRICE LIST CATALOGUE. It is the comprehensive overview of entire range of available research products. For easy reference these products have been indexed in accordance to generic utility. Many innovative products, some of which are mandatory for license research, have also been introduced and enlisted in the catalogue. The catalogue will provide you fair idea about our strength in cater to your wide range of requirement. We do look forward to you for your valued feedback and unvarying improvement in our array of services to our esteemed customers. Our earnest endeavors to fordge win-win relationship with our honored customers keep us always forward looking in the strategic business environment. We have strategic marketing alliance with the following leading international majors in the respective domain. Here under are the names of our esteemed business allies with their respective research products. Service SR Biosystem offers the following services: – • A wide range of research and diagnostic products for Immunology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering, Drug Discovery and Neno Technology researches. • SR Biosystem has track record of having unvarying inflow of research products from its international suppliers, which ensures smooth and in time supply of wide range of these products to our valued research community. • Access to broad international and national network of life Science research products suppliers. We wish to nurture ever-close relation with our esteemed customers as our vital business associate by inviting you to share with us your valued experience on how you rate this price list as per your expectations. www.srbiosystem.com