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Reproductive management is the most important aspect of life — individual, family, and societal. Rerum Naturare Femini.

Biomedical electronic diagnostics company with a difference. What is the difference? Smart biosensor that speaks English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Czech or any other human language to the user about her fertility status, and optionally provides data to the medical expert for medical use, including a new way of patient profiling. Female patients.

SmartFemale is an e-PR company for our two diagnostic companies, bioZhena Corporation and bioPecus Corporation. (Ask what we mean by e-PR!)

SmartFemale is a smart biosensor and informatics venture, basically utilizing the ovulographicâ„¢ and ovundographicâ„¢ data generated by the respective folliculogenesis-monitoring technologies, in the human and the animal females, respectively. Please see the bioZhena and bioPecus posts at
and, respectively.

SmartFemale is interested to hear from people who are interested in reproductive management, female reproductive physiology, folliculogenesis, gynecological cancer, and related biomedical fields. Relevant angles of interest: engineering, medicine (obgyn, oncology, population control, and public health), science, financing.