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Sloning BioTechnology GmbH is a Biotech company in the vicinity of Munich, Germany, which has developed a novel, fully automated method for the production of synthetic genes: Slonomics™. This patented, base triplet assembly technology provides several advantages compared to currently employed synthesis methods. Instead of utilising single stranded oligonucleotides, Slonomics™ relies on a library of universal, double stranded DNA building blocks. Within the framework of a highly standardised biochemical process the gene construct of choce is generated on a specifically developed robotic platform. Our Slonomics™ technology facilitates the introduction of previously unmanageable gene sequences into experimental schemes, since the synthesis is not restrained by e.g. a high GC-content or the appearance of repetitive elements. Slonomics™ allows for the parallel production of gene variants and the controlled synthesis of whole mutant libraries (SlonoMax™), which display an as yet unsurepassed quality. Using defined mixtures of double-stranded triplet building blocks, the parallel introduction of different codons at any position and at a controlled frequency and distribution can be ensured.