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SKUDTEK SCIENTIFIC is a leading supplier of turnkey solutions in Lab Automation. With the principal office based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia with Agencies in QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, WA, SA, NT, New Zealand and China. Website-

Liquid handling instruments, 96 well cell harvester, 48 well cell harvester, 24 well cell harvester, Plate Sealer, Beta, Liquid Scintillation Counters, LSC, 1260 Gamma Counters, 1261 Gamma counter, Radio Immune Assay, RIA, plate washers, Sonicator, ultrasonic baths, survey meter, GM, Gieger Mueller Counter. SKUDTEK also has a range for all Nuclear Instruments and non Radiometric applications including Filter mats.

LKB INSTRUMENTS is under the Skudtek Group of Companies specialising in Sales. Servicing the Packard, Wallac, LKB, LTI, LSC and Gamma range.
External Standard / Radioactive Source, Ba-133, Ra-226
Removal of these and other Isotopes from Beta and Gamma Counters for decommissioning.

Multi Label Plate Counter from Hidex. This Plate reader is suitable for LSC, FL, FP, TRF, LUM, Uv, VIS

Wavebiotech Disposable Bioreactors in Australia and New Zealand. Visit